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Privacy Policy

We handle much "personal information" through offer of coherent service from plan, development of information system of customer to operation, maintenance indirectly and recognize that social responsibility is extremely high as information service company.
We plan reinforcement of unauthorized access, loss, manipulation to information, prevention such as leaks and information security management and are absolutely sure about safety, reliability. Furthermore, we devise "personal information protection compliance program" which clarified our basic posture about personal information protection and handling standard and perform thorough management and meet trust of customer.

About privacy policy

  • When we need collection, the use of personal information and offer, we observe our compliance program in conformity with Japanese Industrial Standards "requirements of compliance program about personal information protection" (JISQ15001) and perform under the fair management.
  • Furthermore, we observe about laws and ordinances of personal information and other models.
  • We use personal information that we collected only in range where with consent of the person.
  • We serve for prevention such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak and correction, and personal information that we collected keeps accumulation under the fair management safely.
  • We try for continuous improvement of compliance program about personal information protection.

Representative director Koichi who praises
February 17, 2006

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