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Guidance of advertisement for help business
Guidance of advertisement for help business

Guidance of advertisement for help business

To company-like request,
We suggest job offer medium which is most suitable for needs.

EXCEED Japan is Kansai area, Kanto area around Osaka
We go over to many divergences such as regular staff, part-time job, contracted employee, temporary employee
With employment form, it is change of job ・ of each medium company by offer of every industry, business condition
There are new college graduate site, part-time job site and the majority handling of space medium
From medium, catch area, business condition, trend
We make use of strength of each medium and answer many requests
It is advertisement for help agency.

Advertisement for help enrolls in service and medium to offer with social conditions
Range of jobseekers continues changing in real time.

In us, we have a business talk with personnel affairs person in charge in "human resources demanding"
Show, and clarify the real employment spot, in your adoption needs
Manuscript production by the medium choice and professional staff having high effect that we matched most
We support recruiting activity including administrative task of each adoption process generally.

Guidance of advertisement for help business

Merit of service

Because there are the abundant results,
In every job offer needs

We have a great variety of adoption know-how
Coordinator asks about company-like request, "the most suitable human resources" "is most suitable, advertise
Medium "most suitable adoption technique"

We matched company-like adoption needs most
We suggest high adoption strategy of effect precisely
We do.

Merit 1 is available for all halfway, part-time job, the new college graduates

"Halfway" "part-time job" "new college graduate"
Adoption is different each
Adoption know-how is necessary.
In various adoption classification
Because we have the abundant results
Of the most suitable human resources adoption support service
Offer is possible.

The advertisement for help choice corresponding to every needs is possibility merit 2

Advertising media have characteristic
Advertising media that are most suitable by the type of job and type of industry, adoption target are each
System independent in EXCEED Japan
Advertisement for help mediums various as agency
Handle, in human resources adoption of every type of job, type of industry
We suggest the most suitable advertisement for help medium
Thing is possible.

Merit 3 is selectable from plural adoption technique

"Advertisement for help publication" "human resources introduction"
"Adoption representation" (outsourcing) includes various adoption technique.
We choose the most suitable technique to company-like personnel affairs strategy and adoption needs
In thing, we will lead adoption strategy to the most suitable direction.

Handling job offer medium

In us, it deals with large number of advertisements for help business.
Handling job offer medium

The advertisement for help service results

It is strong for young person adoption that is strong for woman adoption that is strong in hiring throughout the year that is strong in post of sales people offer…nado, each job offer medium have different characteristic each.
When we perform the medium choice, we do not choose only with overall enrollment and understand characteristic definitely and ascertain medium which was correct in needs
We investigate beforehand which job offer medium "your target layer" enrolls in on how much scale and realize the certain medium choice.

In addition, we let free make job offer manuscript in medium to the target layer provisionally and have before having strict promise of publication
Before publication, we suggest more concrete offer content.

Results 1

The offer type of jobTelephone appointment interchange
Business outlineCommunication, insurance call center


Communications industry department expansion and insurance business of new business setup
Because we save and want to increase the staff together, but we work on Saturday and Sunday, and dispatch duties of communication are unpopular, and, as for the insurance business, hourly wage is lower than average
Necessary numbers do not readily gather.


Offer of communications industry is the too unpopular type of job
As duty on Saturday and Sunday is main operation, it is regular duty
There is not, and be specialized in medium of student target, manuscript contents
We tried for recruitment of necessary human resources.
In addition, because insurance business is business that qualification needs,
Turnover becomes low when we do until qualification
In contents which emphasized that it was stable and could operate for a long time
We did.


Other advertisement for help agencies publish communications industry
The number of the application was almost the same number than medium
There are more than places with the number of adoption rate and the adoption
We were able to lower adoption unit price per person, too.
Offer target is insurance business
Turning out to be setup of new business, and securing necessary number
You could do it and were satisfied than client.

Results 2

The offer type of jobThe hall kitchen staff
Business outlineRestaurant (dining)


New store was open
Because entered suburban commercial facilities, and was location like a 15-minute walk from the nearest station, is ensemmuki keno mainly so far
We raised using paper mediums
Reaction was not so good and always operated with understaffing
As we save, and almost none of the employees rests
We want to hang offer immediately.


At first before atmosphere of contents working and shop
We introduce the commercial facilities
Being facility supported from various layers
As we express and are dish using local ingredients mainly afterward
Toward the area using * idehoshiitoiukotode train
Rather than duty for application from neighborhood target
We squeezed.


Application is had from student to the class of housewives by wide person
Part-time job adoption in peak time is possible
We come to acquire vacation of employee moderately
We had owner please very much.

Flow until advertisement for help publication

We explain publication of advertisement for help, flow until the effect measurement from place that you inquired than company.
It is inquiry Step01


At first please refer over the following email form or telephone.
I will inform from our adoption consultant in reply by the end of the day.
※We look forward to notification only for consultation.
 Please feel free to contact.

We make inquiry
To Step02
It is hearing of adoption needs Step02

Hearing of adoption needs

The application type of job, employment form, human resources demanding, adoption problem, adoption schedule
We ask about the details.

It is suggestion of adoption plan Step03

Suggestion of adoption plan

Based on contents which our adoption consultant visited
We suggest most suitable adoption plan.
At this stage, let me suggest to some extent about job offer manuscript contents
We may have.

To Step04
It is coverage, manuscript making - confirmation Step04

Coverage, manuscript making - confirmation

Because the production staff who is specialized in advertisement for help makes expensive manuscript of effect
We ask coverage, photography.
We have before manuscript making (the first article) for approximately two business days at the earliest.
※After having had you confirm contents, it becomes publication start.
※Time to take before manuscript making varies according to manuscript size.

To Step05
It is publication start Step05

Publication start

After the publication start depending on the application situation manuscript correction and talent scout mail delivery representation
As for the adoption duties outsourcing such as interview setting,
We respond for company-like adoption success.
※There is advertisement for help that manuscript correction after publication start is not possible.

To Step06
It is recruiting activity analysis, the effect measurement Step06

Recruiting activity analysis, the effect measurement

To the reading number of times of the number of the application and job offer information, quality and yield of applicant
We analyze. By suggesting extraction and remedy of problem
Company-like adoption know-how is accumulated.
[importance of recruiting activity analysis, the effect measurement]
Grasp the current situation, scrubbed finish of problems and appropriate improvement for it
Company-like adoption know-how accumulates by performing,
Not only it leads to future recruiting activity success, but also
It leads to adoption cost cut by improvement of adoption efficiency.

Please feel free to contact from this about human resources dispatch and advertisement for help!
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